Tuesday, November 15, 2016

What I Read November

I read Lab Girl by Hope Jahern

I believe this was recommended by someone on Modern Mrs Darcy's Quick Lit Link Up. I found this a fascinating read. I don't know any female scientists nor have I ever think of the challenges that gender might cause in he scientific exploration. I loved how frank Hope was about her challenges both professional and personal.

An illuminating debut memoir of a woman in science; a moving portrait of a longtime friendship; and a stunningly fresh look at plants that will forever change how you see the natural world

Lab Girl is a book about work, love, and the mountains that can be moved when those two things come together. It is told through Jahren’s remarkable stories: about her childhood in rural Minnesota with an uncompromising mother and a father who encouraged hours of play in his classroom’s labs; about how she found a sanctuary in science, and learned to perform lab work done “with both the heart and the hands”; and about the inevitable disappointments, but also the triumphs and exhilarating discoveries, of scientific work.

Yet at the core of this book is the story of a relationship Jahren forged with a brilliant, wounded man named Bill, who becomes her lab partner and best friend. Their sometimes rogue adventures in science take them from the Midwest across the United States and back again, over the Atlantic to the ever-light skies of the North Pole and to tropical Hawaii, where she and her lab currently make their home.  (AMAZON)

WHAT IS UP WITH AUTOBIOGRAPHIES WRITTEN LATELY?  Tell me my YOUR story.  I don't want to be educated about the tools you used if it doesn't enhance the story.  I don't want to be educated about plants unless it increases my understanding of YOUR story.   I will say as it was used in Lab Girl it wasn't quite as clunky as it was used in Dirt Work and  Hammer Head. I do not like this used as a literary device.  I found myself wanting to skip those chapters and get back to the real story.  I want to tell editors that I picked this book BECAUSE I was interested in the author's personal story.

7 by Jen Hatmaker

Our bible study finally finished this. Jen Hatmaker has a lot of controversy.  Some of her personal views were a bit much for a number of our members of her bible study. Jen Hatmaker has been dropped from the Lifeway brand due to her views. We lengthen this study by doing the study homework together during our meetings.  I thought it was an interesting thoughtful study about excess in our lives and how to manage things that might become idols to us - social media etc.. We as a group thought her last two lessons were perhaps the strongest in the whole study.

Anyone else watching The Crown on Netflix.  Prince Philip - The Turbulent Early Life of the Man Who Married Queen Elizabeth II would be a good companion read to The Crown.I had previously done on a post on books and movies that I felt complimented The Crown.  I admit I didn't know anything about Prince Philip.  What an interesting life he had before marrying Queen Elizabeth or Princess Elizabeth at the time.

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  1. I had mixed feelings about 7. I like the premise and thought she had a lot of great points. Hatmaker rubs me the wrong way and her writing was too sarcastic and hard to connect with, for me atleast.

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