Monday, February 1, 2016

What is Saving Me

Modern Mrs. Darcy asked what is saving you at winter's mid point.  I thought I would link up- What is Saving Me. I am lucky to live in an area that doesn't get brutal winter weather but it is so dark here AND rainy. Below is what saving me during the dark winter months.

Walking in the Fog
Hovander Park
My friend and I have been walking even if it is slightly rainy, damp, muddy, or dark.  The physical activity is great but also the companionship is lovely.   My friend is great listener.  I feel so much better after I walk both mentally and physically. I use a fit bit to track my progress.


Nothing ruins a morning faster than having to search for something.  This year I eliminated the search for the writing utensil by having pencils by the front door.  Such an easy thing has been making getting kids out of the door a heck a lot easier. I am adverse to rough mornings. Who doesn't like a freshly sharpened pencil.


Watching the birds from the kitchen window.  I guess I am turning into a bird watcher. I have a hummingbird feeder and it is fun to watch the hummingbirds.   I have joked that this has turned me into my parents. We also took time this January to go see the bald eagles. It has been fun to spot hawks, eagles and various other birds.


With 7th grade this year for one child, I have to deliver said child/trumpet player to school early for Jazz Band.  I struggle with being coherent in the morning. After a couple of missed practices,  I have been taping a reminder to my microwave above the stove. The note isn't pretty. However,  it has helped both of us remember to stay on task and get to "Jazz Band" with our "Jazz Hands".  (ha, ha)

What was saving me in 2015

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