Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Batman Lollipop Bouquet

We ended up adding more lollipops to completely cover Styrofoam ball
My son was selling these specialty suckers/lollipops for band for the past few weeks.  At the end he had a bunch leftover.  The same son was also involved in helping with a youth group sweetheart superhero dinner so we came up with the batman lollipop bouquet to be raffled off at the dinner. We made this together but this is an easy enough craft for most teens. We found a batman mask coloring page and shrunk it down to fit our pot and traced on cardboard. 

Then we traced around the small mask shape and coloring in with sharpie. There is a Styrofoam ball in the pot and the lollipops are stuck into it.  We ended up augmenting our specialty lollipops with dum dums.

My main contribution was the little sign included in the bouquet

I had made one of these before for my cousin for her 50th Birthday- titled 50 sucks

Mavis at 100 dollars a month also has some good directions.

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