Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker - Car Learning Curve

Dear Diary
Somehow car technology has COMPLETELY left me behind.  We recently purchased a new to us car and I have had a steep learning curve.  I drove the same Ford Explorer for 13 years.  I KNEW knew that vehicle.  In the last 2 months between travel and new car, I have an opportunity to drive several new to me cars. 

That has left me with some funny experiences such as I couldn't figure out how to shut off the flashers or how they got on.  I had to send a SOS call to my hubby AND I even tried looking it up in the book.
Yep, that red triangle is the flashers

I rented a brand new limited explorer and couldn't figure out how to start the vehicle.  I embarrassed my son's by asking the lot attendant.  You had to push a button (got that part) and hold the brake down( didn't get that part). I bet they were wondering why the heck they rented me a vehicle.

I took my car in to get a new back windshield. They gave me a loaner car and I couldn't figure out how to turn on the wipers. I was super embarrassed when I had to go back and ask the service center as we were having a heavy down pour.   Honestly, I am not blond.

I have TOTALLY learned a lot of about cars and my ability to drive them. Change is hard and getting a new to me car really left me feeling like a beginner driver.

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