Saturday, January 16, 2016

Whidbey Island Cache Machine

View of Whidbey Island
We are, I guess di,e hard geocachers.  When we heard there was going to be a cache machine nearby, we knew we were going.  A cache machine is a set route of geocaches that people cache as a group.  This one I believe had 79 caches on its route.  We invited our friend Cheezer to round out our group.

My husband looks less thrilled
We did several earthcaches which are geocaches that bring you to a location to teach you about a earth feature and there is no physical cache.  Instead you answer a series of questions about the location the coordinates bring you to. The first earthcache on the route was on Pass Island on Deception Pass. Cheezer found a golf ball.  That is random.

There is another earthcache on Goose Rock Trail which I would like to do one day.

Another Earthcache location - large random rock
Near the end we get a little loopy. We cached a little over 7 hours. That is a lot of driving and finding.
I think we ended the day with 45 caches of  which included 2 events, 3 earthcaches, a multi cache. Not a bad day of caching.  We ended the day by eating Chinese buffet.

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