Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Colorado Christmas Adventure

My Mom's Tree
I was lucky to get to go to Colorado with my kids and visit my parents the week before Christmas.  We left Christmas Day. I thought I would share a few pictures.  It is hard to narrow down what to share.

cousin's in front of stables
As luck would have it , some of the Clydesdale horses were at the Budweiser Plant in Ft Collins over the holidays.  It was amazing to see these creatures up close. These horses are HUGE! They had three horses in their stables taking a vacay from the west coast team.

I-25 North to Loveland

THERE WAS SNOW! Colorado got about 10 inches before we got there and while there they got a tiny bit of snow.

My parents live in Loveland so we also visited the Loveland Museum.  This is a great place to walk through with some interactive exhibits.  Loveland you have a sugar factory so there is a huge display about sugar beets. After the museum we went to visit Mariano Medina's grave an early settler of the Loveland area. These were recently moved back closer to their original location.  Back in the day, I guess my grandfather was involved in moving the graves to a nearby park but now are back in their original location.

I love the lights of Christmas.  We got a chance to go to Ft Collins to see an amazing light display The Gardens of Spring Creek.

Of course, I couldn't resist putting my face in a cut out.  I am nothing but predictable.

IT was fabulous to be able to spend Christmas Eve at my Mom and Dad's.

Crazy Cousin Duo

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