Tuesday, December 1, 2015

What I Learned November


Oh ,I learned so much this month.  I am linking up with Chatting with the Sky

1.Einstein was a Bad Ass (sorry for the swear) according to my 17 year old.

Anyone watch the show "The Secrets of Einstein's Brain" on the history channel?  Did you know the pathologist that did his autopsy stole his brain? It was really fascinating show about Einstein.  I didn't know that just in one year he published 4 theories including the Theory of Relativity. They call 1905, Einstein's Miracle Year.

2.On a sadder note, we lost a dear friend to a heart attack.

This special friend basically launched my husband's career. I realized how much of our memories of San Diego are tied to him.  He introduced us to so much of My husband wrote down many of the stories about him for his kids. This friend taught my kids to call their dad's uniform a pickle suit. He will be so missed. RIP in peace Mike

3.A flock of Herons

I was eating my birthday breakfast at a local restaurant that overlooks the bay in Blaine, WA and we watched a group of Heron's hanging out.  The picture doesn't do it justice.  There were about 20 Herons and the number kept growing as we sat there. Did you know when breeding herons gather in colonies they are called heronries?

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  1. I love Einstein. Thanks for the information. :)