Thursday, December 3, 2015

Diary of Mediocre Homemaker - Metallica Bridge

Photo of all the tags of Metallica on town bridge shared to Discover Ferndale
Dear Diary
Our town has Metallica bridge.  Yes, Metallica bridge, you know the rock band.  Since I moved her 11 years ago many things have been graffiti-ed on the bridge but consistently it has been Metallica even one time it had misspelled .  What do you expect from some vandals? There was also that time where Nine Inch Nails claimed a spot on the bridge for a time. Of course, Nine Inch Nails stayed up for a while due to a little flooding.

This is the stuff of urban legends. Is it the same person always doing the Metallica graffiti? Why was it missing from the bridge for over a year?  Did the graffiti artist go to college? It is our little town's claim to fame. The little bit of irony is that we have many beautiful murals and totems in but that isn't what we are known for.

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