Friday, May 1, 2015

What I learned in April

1. 93 cent bags of  M&M's turned into M&M cookies make kids happy

I was able to score some cheap Easter M&M's which I turned into cookies. Recipe is here.  My kids were so excited.  It really is the little things.

2. Back to Back Sad Viewing and Reading

I don't know what Netflix and my reading are trying to tell me.  But  I have watched 3 movies that ended with the main character dying( Remember Me, Listen to Your Heart, and Fault in the Stars)  It is depressing.  I admit I couldn't finish the "Fault in the Stars." I also read Still Alice by Lisa Genova. I don't think I can do the "Still Alice" movie even if it seems to fit into my theme viewing. Lastly, my friend suggested I watch the episode of Grey's where McDreamy dies.  I think I have reached my death and depression quota.

3. Blooming Aloe Plant

My mega big aloe plant managed to be tipped over twice last year and repotted. I think that is what lead to this beautiful bloom on it.  It hasn't had a bloom in years.

4. Creative Mojo

I have been working on getting my creative mojo back.  I have a few projects in the work.  I have a rag quilt I need to finish.  I have been working on some graphic things. Keeping the creative mojo going is WORK.  It is a muscle that needs to be worked.
5. Songs Stuck in My Head
I seem to have a strange knack for getting parts of songs stuck in my head. This time it is a Jeep Commercial Song.  Well played Jeep.  It is "Renegades"  by X Ambassadors.

6. T-Shirt Message that Cracks me Up

I have a little habit when I am Goodwill and Value Village browsing of taking snaps of funny t-shirts. This is one I found this month. Let's face it I am easily amused.

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