Sunday, May 24, 2015

Bison Slobber

We went to the Olympic Game Park near Sequim, WA.  It was a fabulous drive through wildlife experience.

None of us had ever been so when we arrived at the admission booth and they asked how many loaves of bread we wanted purchase, we had no idea how many to get.   You can only feed the animals 100% whole wheat bread. We had just watched the car in front of us buy 6 and we thought that was extreme.  We bought 4 and we now believers in the 6 loaf principal!!! 

You might want to reserve the majority of your bread for the end of your journey.  I pretty sure we witnessed a bison and elk hold up.  They literally will chase your car down.  I was a chicken I refused to roll down my window for the ending part.  Bison have really long tongues. They even licked our car.

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