Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Diary of A Mediocre Homemaker -Shrek's Key Lime Cake

I thought I would start a new feature highlighting my mediocre homemaker skills or lack of.  I have covered my homemaker adventures in the past but this is part of my story so I thought I would try to share in a more weekly series.  Sometimes it won't even be misadventures but successes as well. But you can expect some misadventures too because one thing I am not is Martha Stewart.

My husband's birthday usually falls on Mother's Day weekend.  So I usually try to do something special during the week prior for him aka a special meal.  Hey, I have skills in that area.

I decided to make a new type of cake - Key Lime cake mix and Key Lime Frosting.  I added sprinkles to the top .

I splurged and bought the premade icing. I usually don't do that.  I usually not a fan but this key lime frosting is eat out of the container good.  The frosting is what takes it to the next level. The key lime cake mix didn't do anything for me. 
Doesn't EVERYONE have their own Shrek figurine?
My sister said I should call it the shrek cake because it is green and over the top.  Consequently, Shrek is my husband's nickname as well.

**** This is not a sponsored post.  It is entirely my thoughts and opinions.

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