Sunday, February 15, 2015

What I Read February

I decided to participate in Modern Mrs Darcy's "What I am Reading" aka quick lit. Check out what everyone else is reading. Well, I tackled 2 books recommend by family and friends and read some additional books as well.

Tracks is a book that was recommended by Nonna (MIL). The sub title of this book is one woman's journey across 1,700 miles of Australian Outback. Robyn travels with her 4 camels and dog from Alice Springs to the Indian Ocean.  I wish before I read this I knew more about Australia and the abordingnal issues. That being said, this is remarkable story and like most adventure stories of Robyn is searching for herself.  I learned a lot about camels.  They really are truly amazing animals. 

Of course, my immature mind goes to The Hump Day Commercial.

The Maze Runner was recommended by 2 Colby's and is a young adult book. Of course, there is also the Maze Runner movie as well.  I enjoy this book in a way it reminded me a lot of Hunger Games  I can definitely see the appeal to teenage boys and even teenage girls. 

I also read The Rent Collector by Camron Wright. I really loved it. 

Below is my favorite quote from the book
"Literature's lessons repeat because they echo from deeper places. They touch a chord in our soul because they're notes we've already heard played. Plots repeat because, from the birth of man, they explore the reasons for our being. Stories teach us to not give up hope because there are times in our own journey when we mustn't give up hope. They teach endurance because in our lives we are meant to endure. They carry messages that older than the words themselves, messages that reach beyond the page." - The Rent Collector

Lastly, I read The Dept of Speculation by Jenny Offill.  I have never read a book written the way this one was written.  The story is basically told with snippets and observations mixed in with quotes and facts. You feel a little bit like a detective seeing how each piece of information relates to the next snippet. I am glad this was a short book.  I felt a little over my head in this one but overall a fast quirky read.

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