Sunday, February 1, 2015

10 Easy/cheap Ways to Decorate and Celebrate Valentine's Day

1. Heart Construction Paper Garlands. I have done these in many different styles - No tape/staple, Martha Stewart Style, and Clothes Pin/Makeshift. I also like this quick one, 5 minute Dolly Garland at Stay at Home Artist. If you can cut out a heart, you can make one of these. I love that I can put these in the recycle after Valentine's is over.

2. Make Valentine's with craft supplies on hand. Kids love to make Valentines even boys. I have some friends that look forward every year to getting a homemade Valentine from me. Corny is OK too. It is good mail and who doesn't enjoy receiving some of that. Owl Directions

3. Send Good Mail. If you really want to impress your Valentine have your Valentine remailed from Loveland, Colorado aka the Sweetheart City. Directions here.

4. Make photo cards. You don't have to have to have any fancy editing software. You just got to be creative. I've done Lego, Eye love you, Be Mine, and Kiss this. Here are some examples.

5. Use what you have to decorate. In my case, that is lots and lots of Legos. We have made Lego hearts. We have spelled LOVE with Legos. You can make a lovely heart out of conversation hearts and put it into a dollar store frame.


6. Make a Yummy Treat. Since Valentine's Day is on Saturday this year, what about a special breakfast. Waffles with strawberry sauce is calling my name. Chuckles thinks we should make cinnamon roll hearts. I saw this great idea at Life is a Party for cinnamon roll hearts aka love buns and pink hot cocoa. I might give that a go.

7. Write a love note. A couple years back,  I did a heart attack on the boys bedroom doors. I cut out hearts and taped them to their door with their special qualities written on them.

8 Class up the Joint.Set a fancy table for dinner or just dine by candlelight. Break out the good dishes.

9. Celebrate. Have a special dinner or in our case that is Pizza. It is a tradition for us.

10. Share the Love. Spend time with those you love because that is really priceless.

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