Friday, February 6, 2015

Caching Las Vegas

There is a virtual at the Welcome to Las Vegas Sign
On our last day of our ET Highway geocaching trip (Details here), we of course decided to geocache Las Vegas.  We did a number of virtual caches. There are quite a few virtuals along the strip.

A Virtual Cache is about discovering a location rather than a container. The requirements for logging a Virtual Cache vary—you may be required to answer a question about the location, take a picture, complete a task, etc. In any case, you must visit the coordinates before you can post your log. -

We stayed at the MGM for the night and there was a virtual called "In the Belly of the Beast."

We also did the Welcome to Vegas. They were expanding the parking around the sign.  We even saw Elvis there on the phone.

We ended up exploring the industrial area around the airport as we still had our rental car. So before turning in out car, we did some caching. We did many nano (small) geocaches- some on mail boxes, light poles, parking structures).
Snoopy Mural
Cache nearby

Our long weekend netted us 307 geocaches bringing our lifetime cache found number to 1,700!

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