Friday, February 27, 2015

What I Learned in February

I saw this bumper sticker and I decided a lot of problems in life can be solved by asking yourself, "What would Scooby Do?"

Stressed out -eat something
Scared  - run away
See evil - unmask it
Saying Zoinks is fun
Kids can be meddlesome and  pesky

I  am reminded that I love to create.  I am crafty not handy.  Just ask my friends. Below is a sample of my valentine cards. Directions

One of the quotes I have written on my to do list

There is value in the valley's -Seahawk Doug Baldwin after the superbowl.

Lastly, love endures.  It was my parents 45th anniversary on February 14th. They were married in the sweetheart city of Loveland, Co.  We got them a heart that hangs around the lake.


  1. I love the advice about Scooby Doo. It makes me want to go and watch some Scooby Doo cartoons.

  2. I love to create as well. Although I'm not particularly crafty. But there is just something about making things that gives me energy. Even if it looks like my kids made it! Ha...