Thursday, January 15, 2015

Reading Challenge, Boys on the Boat, Seattle Seahawks

I am taking Modern Mrs Darcy Reading Challenge.  Details are here and in the graphic above.  I am also linking up to Modern Mrs Darcy's Quick Lit. Check out what everyone is reading.

I read the Boys on the Boat: Nine Americans and Their Epic Quest for Gold at the 1936 Berlin Olymipics by Daniel James Brown. This book is also part of our county's reading program - Whatcom Reads. In addition, this also falls into the category of a "Book I Kept Meaning to Read".  I kept putting this off even though the book has gotten rave reviews.  I didn't know if I would like a book about Washington State Crew Racing and their 1936 Olympic Bid. 

I loved the book.  It is about the Washington State University Crew that went to the Olympics in Berlin.  Several things resonated with me.  First the book is written from the perspective of Joe Rantz.  Joe had a incredibly hard up bringing and was a self made man.  His family was dysfunctional and there was a lot of turbulence in his younger years.  Everything he earned came through hard work.  Joe's work ethic reminded so much of my grandparent's and Pappy's drive to succeed.

Secondly, I have watched crew competitions in the past but now I want to watch again simply because  the writing in the book draws you in. I want to know more about crew. 

Lastly, this book talks a lot about teamwork, fluidity, and being in the zone without using any of those words.  In order to be a crew and crew member each person needs to care more about the person sitting in front of them and behind them.  This similar sediment was espoused by Russell Wilson, Seattle Seahawks Quarter Back and Pete Carroll, Seahawks Coach. I actually finished book during the Seattle Seahawk playoff game with the Panthers. GO HAWKS!

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  1. I am excited to add this to my to-read list! Thank you for sharing!