Saturday, January 24, 2015

ET Hwy Day 2

We had a fabulous time on our Epic Geocaching Trip. More about our Day 2 adventures below.

Day 1 Details

We got a pretty early start and cached on.  We joked that we couldn't escape Rachel Nevada as it was in sight most of the day. We did about 131 caches and decided we need to just drive.  The constant getting out of the car was just plain tiring.  We did eventually get back to caching.  We ended up with 160 caches for the day.
Yes, a cow with antenna.
Most of the ET Highway is open range.  On the second day, we saw lots of cows and an actual cowboy herding cows across the highway.  I wouldn't drive the highway in the dark to much of chance of running into cows.  We saw a dead cow on the side of the road. We also saw some wild horses as well.

Highlight caches

In Memory Of Sgt Stevenson- (GCYEWH) -This cache was placed in memory of Sgt. Howard Stevenson who was shot and killed on Jan. 9th 2005. He was an avid Geocacher and loved to spend time in the Nevada desert. This cache was a bit of a hike and search up a hill. The view was awesome
View from the cache.  You can barely see the car.
Oh Bucket (GCI6VQ3)- This one had a clever container and we have no idea what the huge bucket was used for. But even better this cache was across from a rest area.
Me standing by the bucket. Oh by the way, I am 5'7"

We spent in Tonopah.  The Best Western had a recent remodel and I thought the rooms were really nice.  The mattress was superb. We ate dinner across the street a the Tonopah Brewing Company.  They were also going to have live music that evening. the food and beer was great. The motel also served a hot breakfast.

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