Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Caching Nevada- Day 3

Looking out from the Tonopah Welcome Sign
After finishing our ET Highway experience, we headed back to Vegas. (Day 1 and Day 2)We were torn because the big Seattle Game was in the middle of our day.  We decided to just check our phone for the stats.  Nevada caches I have decided are a combo of rock piles, beat up ammo cans, and cattle guard hides.

We left Tonopah caching our way out.  We noticed there were a few caches on old highway 95 so we decided to do those.  The road was no longer being maintained but it wasn't too horrible.  We were able to avoid most of the pot holes. IT was interesting to see mining pits right off the road.

I think the highlight of the drive back was definitely Goldfield, NV.  One of our favorite caches we found or should say we did not find was in the Junk Car Forest.  This is what I love about geocaching is that it takes you to incredibly off the beaten path places.
We also saw these subway covers.  There is no subway in Goldfield so the why they are here is a mystery. I have to say all the caches in Goldfield took you to really interesting places a house made with bottles, some ruins that only had brick archway left, an abandoned high school.
I can honestly say on this trip this is the VERY FIRST TIME I cached a airplane cache.
IT was also the first time we have EVER cached by a brothel.
We ended up with 60 plus caches on Day 3 and made it back to Las Vegas.


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