Saturday, February 22, 2014

T.P. 5k Fun Run/Walk

Today, we walked the T.P. 5k.  I honestly can't make this stuff up.  I just had to participate.  I run a blog all about an outhouse that I use to be able to see from my dining room so that seemed like reason enough.

All kidding aside, this was TP raiser for the local Womancare Shelter.  Registration cost was 4 rolls of TP.   So this morning despite the snow/sleet/rain, we walked around Cornwall Park.  We were definitely the last people to cross the finish line except Cody who sprinted ahead. We were wiped out . (that is the best I got people)
Some of  us had loads of energy
Below was my Horoscope for today.  I kinda thought it fit perfectly ( Just for the record, I don't believe in horoscopes but it is funny)
The turn out was decent despite the weather and a lot of TP was donated.

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