Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Learn Something New Every Day

Well, I learned something new at the grocery store.  Did you know that there are 3 different places for sesame seeds in the grocery store and the price varies wildly. A lady was in the baking aisle asking about sesame seeds.  She had found some in a bottle. 

Do you see the price?  The clerk kindly directed her to the ethnic food aisle and the Mexican section. Hanging in the spice section there was a 99 cent bag of sesame seeds.  I had no idea you could find sesame seeds in that section.  I can't recall any Mexican dish that uses sesame seeds but there they were. Any idea on what Latin American dishes that contain sesame seeds? 

I usually just buy sesame seeds in the bulk bins.  This is off course the cheapest place to get them, usually.  Though I know many people don't like the bulk bins because of the ick factor.  I  have to say at my Fred Meyer's some of the more frequented bins I might be leery of .  These weren't in the kind that you had to stick your hand in the bin and scoop. These especially handy when you only need a little of the ingredient.

****All prices were from my local Fred Meyer's Grocery Store.

So what do I make with Sesame Seeds.  Well, there is a sesame seed bread that we enjoy. 

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