Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Project Life Tuesday: Week 43 continued

I am linking up with The Mom Creative- Project Life Tuesday.  As usual I am linking up on Wednesday. 

We had a busy week 43 and on Oct 26th we attended a special themed geocaching event - GeoZombie Run.  It was held in Lynden, Wa.  We had a blast finding geocaches and doing various zombie related tasks. We even had a zombie hunting permit.

On the 27th, we finished finding some of the GeoZombie geocaches especially the one called, Head to the Hills. In the last cache was an unusual trinket. Some of the journaling below:
It was a super creepy doll.  The doll actually said, " You dropped me and I broke. That made me very angry." I can honestly say that is the MOST UNUSUAL thing we have ever found in a cache.

Project Life Cobalt Edition
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