Saturday, November 2, 2013

Head for the Hills

Last Sunday, we headed for the hills outside of Everson, Washington .  We headed on South Pass Road to Paradise Valley Road.  We didn't do this series of geocaches during the GeoZombie Run.  It was really a beautiful  drive. It also a great road to test your shocks on. OH it tested my internal shocks as well. 
Charlie at a guardrail cache

I love it when the cache is SO OBVIOUS!

The fog was rolling in.  I love the ghost trees in the background behind Charlie in the picture below.
When we reached the last cache in the series way a top the hill. This is what we found.

It was a super creepy the doll.  The doll actually said, " You dropped me and I broke. That made me very angry." I can honestly say that is the MOST UNUSUAL thing we have ever found in a cache.

I can't resist a good fungi photo.  These scaly mushrooms on this tree caught our eye.

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