Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Project Life Tuesday- Week 44 and Week 45

I am ACTUALLY linking up on a Tuesday to The Mom Creative Project Life Tuesday.  It is a miracle, people.

Week 44 brings us to Halloween and all the hoopla surrounding it.
Here is the journaling

October 27th - November 2nd

 We started the week with pumpkin carving.  Of course, Kevin had a theme.  One of his pumpkins farted so that made one pumpkin have a gas mask and the other pumpkin vomit.

 We had the traditional pumpkin shaped pizza for Halloween.

 Charlie really wanted to jump out of the bushes at trick or treaters. He did manage to scare two girls. Who then wouldn't come up to the house to get some candy until I came out. I think they were thinking, "Weirdo".  This however made his Halloween. He also went trick or treating and Tigger went to.
Week 45, the highlight was Charlie's Veterans Day Program.  He played in the 5th grade recorder ensemble.  They played amazing grace.  The Veterans of the American Legion were there as well and did the gun salute.  IT was a really nice program.  Some 5th graders read the poem Heroes as well.  Which I included part of the poem.

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