Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mini Advetures with the Adventure Crew

The Adventure crew has been reunited minus Miss Smarty Pants.( Darn 16 year old kids and their J-O-B-S! ) The rest of us spent some time on Monday at Tennant Lake.   The boy part of our crew ran off some energy as we walked the long way over to Hovander Park and back to Tennant Lake.
sea of lily pads
Tennant Lake
Striking a Pose
Tennant Lake
Mr Bones
Artichoke in Bloom
Hovander Homestead Garden
Tuesday, we headed to Point Whitehorn.  We made it all the way to the beach and enjoyed lunch basking in the sun.  We found these rocks with messages on them. 

The kids found a tree to teeter totter on.  The kids had a good time climbing on the driftwood. There was also a beautiful heron standing on a rock.

The day wasn't complete without a trip to the C Shop for ice cream. There are some fabulous places for mini adventures in Whatcom County.

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