Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Big Adventure

***This is more about our quest to get 50 State Park Centennial Geocaches for more information click here and our adventures here.

"Go On A Adventure" was on our summer bucket list.  I think the road trip we took on Saturday, counts.  We started our day at 4:30 to arrive at the Coupville Ferry Dock to take the Ferry to Port Townsend on the 7:15 ferry.  Much to the chagrin of the adults we neglected getting coffee because of the time table. Oh us adults not caffeinated is "interesting".  We made the ferry and arrived at Port Townsend.  We headed to Fort Worden.  We wandered around on the roads.  We stopped and took a hike to find the Centennial GeoCache.  We ended up off the main road and on what I call a billy goat trail. Hey, sometimes you need to find your inner goat. Though it brought us to this interesting broken down building.
Giant Man Child with Tigger
There is some fabulous history here with all the artillery batteries.  What a great place for kids and adults to explore. 
You just can see Cody up in the Tower
There was a lot of talk of exploring, ruins, and Indiana Jones. The view would be fabulous but it was rather overcast. We found the geocache without much trouble.   The whole time we were here, I thought we were at Fort Townsend.  I am blaming it on lack of caffeine.

Next we headed to Fort Townsend.  We followed a little nature trail to the Centennial Geocache which was quite cleverly hidden.  The trail also ended in a great place with a view but it still was quite overcast.
Boys and Dog near the cache site
Then we were off to Fort Flager.  Prior to this we finally located COFFEE.  I am so turning into a Pacific Northwest person. Fort Flager is a favorite park with many and while we didn't stay long. We were there  just long enough to find the geocache under the old hospital steps.  I could tell this would be a great place to spend more time exploring.

Onward, we arrived at Anderson Lake.  Oh my it was simply beautiful and the most uncrowded place we visited so far.  The lake was closed to due to algae bloom but gorgeous anyways.  We followed a trail around the lake.  We ate our lunch here too.
Anderson Lake
We had a change in plans and decided to forgo visiting Miller Peninsula State Park.  After reading the description about the hike, we decided not to visit. We headed to Sequim State Park. The Centennial Geocache takes you to a lovely covered bridge within the park.

Because we decided not to do visit Miller Peninsula we headed south to Dosewallips.  We managed to end up at the wrong parking area but eventually figured it.  By coincidence we found a centennial state park coin at the first parking area in the camping area. Once we at the right area, we headed down the path to an observation tower.  We soon had the cache in hand.

Triton Cove was down the road so we headed there next.  Don't have much to say about it as the cache was a drive up one and only Cody got out of the car.

The last cache of the day was at Potlatch State Park on the dry side or should I say hilly side.  Once again we went on a billy goat hike.  My inner billy goat had given up. We found the cache though and decided against going back the same way and cut through the campground. That ended our cache hunting for the day. 

We now have 28 of the state park centennial geocaches.

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