Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Utility Box Art

Postcards from Loveland

On our vacation, we saw some great art work on utility boxes in Loveland, Colorado. We went out hunting utility box art with my sister and nephew.  Loveland is well known for it's public art installations in the form of sculptures. The art scene is alive and well here. On previous visits we spent a lot of time looking at the sculptures but this time we were on the hunt for utility box art. This is part of the Transformation Project that was created to showcase Northern Colorado painters.  The Loveland Art in Places picks a geographical location which artists transform utility boxes in works of art. There are well over 40 utility boxes that have been turned into works of art.

Tango by Ron McDowell
Impressionistic Loveland by Diane Roeder
Circuit and Connections by Jeannie Essling
My favorite box was this Zen Tangle box called  Deluge by Thomas Studholme . 

I love how on one side of the box there are angels in the design.  This wasn't apparent to me by just driving by.

There is also this house drawn on top.

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