Friday, August 17, 2012

History Colorado Center

Chuckles, #1 Son, Fast Eddy, Finder Boy
This is where I pimp out my blog and become a unauthorized ad for the History Colorado Center.  This revamped center has been reopened since April.  I highly recommend this if you are in Colorado and in the Denver area. We went here with our entire extended family.  IT was amazing.   There was a lot of hands on activities.  The had the town of Keota set up with various activities-Model-T driving, general store, egg collecting, cow milking, slide from the haybarn etc.
Chuckles milking the cow
You could merge your face with graduate from Keota.  Here is Chuckles Keota yearbook picture.

They had a special exhibit there as well, LEGOrado.

 Our Lego Nut simply went crazy over that.  The adults loved the humor in the exhibit.  It was well done.  The ghosts in the ghost town.  I especially liked that they were lined up to use the Honeypot.

The cow being sucked up the UFO. 

There was just so much to be seen. This is definately a place that needs to be revisited. We also got to go in a mine and set explosives, practice ski jumping, visit a cabin in a Japanese Internment Camp.  I am just touching the surface of what is here.

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