Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Thompson's Mills State Heritage Site

We had a marathon trip to Oregon this past weekend. The Giant Man Child had a shooting match outside Shedd, Oregon. Meanwhile, the kiddos and I went and spent some time at Thompson's Mills.  It was a old flour mill. 

The volunteer hosts were fabulous and gave us and a group of bicyclists a really great tour.  The mill was first used as flour mill then for animal feed and lastly a turbine was added to generate electricity.  Now it is just a heritage site.  The kids loved that they were able to touch so many things.  They got to grind grain too. The kids attempted to feed the chickens.  That consisted of one dumping the whole bag of feed and the other complaining that he didn't get a chance to feed the chickens. It obvious that these kids are city kids.
feeding chickens in the two man wrecking crew style

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