Monday, April 2, 2012

Mother Nature April Fools

Yesterday was definitely an April Fool's type of weather day.  It rained in the morning and then was relatively beautiful in the afternoon UNTIL we were in the middle of nowhere.  Let me backtrack.  Hubby comes home early from a shooting competition (came in 5th - Wahoo) and we decided we need to do a little bit of geocaching.  We end up geocaching along the Nooksack river. 

We are in the middle of nowhere along the river and it starts sprinkling.  Did I mention that none of the boys are dressed for rain including the Giant Man Child.  I had my jacket with hood.  We decided it isn't too bad then it starts pouring.  The picture below is of Chuck crouched below a pine tree using the sad face to avoid the rain.

We turn back and pretty much as soon as we reach the car it stops raining.We were rewarded with a beautiful double rainbow.

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