Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Caching at Dusk

We never give up.  We were thwarted on April Fool's day from getting all the geocaches along the path.  See our adventure here. We decided to go geocaching at dusk.  We decided to take Tigger with us.  We started at the opposite end of the path. Things were a little( a lot) farther.  The 1st geocache was about mile away.  OYE!  Did I mention that the parking lot has a gate that is supposedly locked when it gets dark.  We were walking at a very brisk pace.  We saw lots of beaver activity.

There is a marshy area next to the river.  Chuckles and I decided that must be where the beavers lived. We ended up walking a total of 3 miles.  This time there was only a little bit of rain and a lot of mud. Everyone however had the appropriate outer wear. We found all the remaining caches! Tigger was exhausted.  We all were exhausted. 
Tigger laying in the back of car exhausted
I just know when my kids are asked about their spring break.  They are going to say they went on a death march along the Nooksack but they got ice cream afterwards. Ahh, the Spring Break memories!

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