Monday, April 23, 2012

I like big plants

I like big house plants. I cannot lie.  I love houseplants so when Nester had a planty linky party I had to join.

This is my newest addition.  This is so large it had to be repotted.  I looked around for large pot and the prices were astronomical.  So , I had a brain storm and repotted this in a shiny metal garbage can.  To tell you the truth this almost wasn't large enough.  This turned out to be a cheaper solution. More about the repotting here and what it looked like when I received it.

Above is my first large plant, I ever grew.  Don't I sound like a proud parent. It is a split leaf Philodendron.  My kids once de-leafed it.  I wasn't a happy Mommy. They use to call it the plant with the eyes. The kids thought the split in the leaves looked like eyes.

Above is a prayer plant at night the leaves close up. This also has blooms.

See the spikes.  Those are the blooms. I also have a hoya that is blooming.The blooms almost look fake.

I have been extremely lucky to be gifted or purchased distressed plants.  A lot of my stands and pots have been thrifted. 


  1. I am totally envious of your green thumb! you certainly have wonderful houseplants.

  2. I love a split leaf Philo too ! Mine isn't as big ( tall ) as yours but they so do get big , don't they !
    You can check out a picture of mine here :