Thursday, March 15, 2012

Leprechaun Gold Hunt

We had our annual hunt for leprechaun gold.  It is tradition and really looked forward to by the kids.  This year's clues came from Oopsey Daisy.  I did change the last clue.  See picture below.  I found some St Patrick's Day window clings and chocolate coins at the Dollar Store. This one was a little more difficult than some of our hunts. 

Evidently a leprechaun walked all over our house, too.  How to make your own leprechaun prints can be found at Crafting Chicks. He also left some notes - " Catch me if you Can"  and "Are you Feeling Lucky" signed I.A. Leprechaun.

Of course there were some leprechaun jokes as well. I wrote them on shamrocks.I sent some to my sister, The Polyester Princess.  She wasn't a fan. (no sense of humor)

Here is a sample: 
What do you get if you cross poison ivy and a 4 leaf clover?
A rash of luck!
What happen's when a leprecchaun falls in a river?
He get's wet

What is a Irish potato when it's not an Irish potato?
It's a French Fry.
Here are some of our previous hunts - 2010, 2009,

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