Saturday, March 24, 2012

Oh what a Beautiful Day!

Today was a rare sunny spring day.  We of course went out geocaching.  Our adventure sounds like a bad murder mystery - 1 secluded beach,  guard shack, 1 public beach, 2 cemeteries, plastic peas, 2 severed feet, raspberry fields,  country roads, dead ends and 1 church parking lot. Our adventure started at a beach that was reached by some steep stairs and skirting some private property.  Unfortunately, I should of taken some picture of the wicked stairs. The view was awesome though. There was also lots of sea glass. This is what I love about geocaching is that it takes you places you wouldn't discover any other way.
Later we ended up at a public beach. You know kids, they got to climb.  Here is our wrecking crew on top of a giant stump.

We saw these feet spray painted on a rock. There was some discussion if this meant to put your best feet forward or only leave footprints and take only memories.
This was just a small part of our adventures today.  We ended up finding a total of 14 geocaches.

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