Thursday, January 19, 2012

Surf Report or should I say Snow Report

Looking down the Hill to Church
taken Jan 19
10:30 am
Snowed in here!  I haven't left the house since Sunday.  I have a little CABIN FEVER and to top that off I am also a single parent this week.  YEAH ME! I have been spending entirely too much time on the Internet and Words with Friends. Thought I would do some linky love.

Here is some Internet stuff worth reading

I Can't Do It Like Extreme Couponing (Coupon Mom) - A very good perspective on how to coupon right and it doesn't have to look like Extreme Couponing.  It is about saving money and time!

28 Ways to Stop Complicating Your Life - I found this link in Ali Edwards 52 Creative Lifts Newsletter. This was in week two and it was all about subtracting things from your life.

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