Saturday, May 16, 2009

Oh, to be 12 again!

There is nothing like attending a sleepover for a bunch of 12 years old that will make you feel old. Ms Smarty Pants had a sleepover at her house. I went for a few hours. Oh my gosh, those girls have a lot of energy. Luckily Mrs Epi had a number of games planned. There was a nail polish game, badminton, spoons, and guitar hero. For the Fashion Show Game, she split them up into 3 teams and each team was given 2 rolls of aluminium foil and tasked to make an outfit with a head covering, top, bottom, and foot covering. It was a hoot. I had a hard time getting decent pictures as the girls all were quite animated. LOL

Bikini Clad Wonder Woman/Sumo Wrestler

Skinny Pants Outfit

They also had a crazy sock exchange. There were a certain pair of bright fluorescent pink converse socks that were being fought for. When I left, they were getting ready to have make your own ice cream sundaes and search for goodie bags. Mrs Epi ever the clever one made little draw string bags filled with the goods and attached glow in the dark necklaces. The girls had to go outside and find their bag.

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  1. Thanks again for coming, and we found out that those pink converse socks are VERY ITCHY!!!

    Ms. Smarty Pants