Monday, May 4, 2009

My Coupon Philosophy

I use coupons. There I said it. I am one of those crazy coupon ladies. Sometimes I save really big and other times it is just a small amount. But the key thing is I consistently save. Yes, it takes time to coupon. However, I don't cut out millions of coupons. I do get two papers just on Sunday. I try to shop with a list and have a meal plan. I don't do complicated deals. Couponing is my little hobby.

Recently I lost my long time coupon clutch and I did cry. (seriously) However some really nice person turned it into customer service. Don't you like the redneck duct tape patch. If that doesn't say classy, I don't know what does.

When I first started really getting into couponing, I used the grocery game. It is fee service that tracks the sales for you and tells you when to use your coupons and the rock bottom price of an item. However, I am pretty familiar with prices so I use Hot Coupon World Forums to figure out my deals for grocery shopping. I also use the site Money Saving Mom for other deals. $5 dollar dinners also has a feature which features the Bargain Meal of the Week for each grocery store as provided by other bloggers. This is really helpful in the whole meal planning aspect. However, only one of my stores is listed - Albertson's (Albies).

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