Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Rock that Recess Brought

I had a little scare yesterday. Someone from the school threw a rock at one of my windows during recess. It didn't break the window but it gave me and #1 Son a mini heart attack. #1 Son was home from school with a sore throat and we were downstairs watching the T.V. Needless to say, I turned into a screaming lunatic. I was furious and even marched over to the Principal's office. The Principal came over and looked for the rock. Even as I type this that sounds a little on the ridiculous side doesn't it. He said it probably this rock and took it. Does he have a secret CSI lab? The playground is literally in my back yard. There is a chain link fence and my wood fence that separates us. Technically there is also a gravel road that is off limits, too. Guess where the rock came from? This is a huge playground only supervised by two duties. The school hasn't done any landscaping to help corral children nor to protect the very nearby houses.This coupled with low supervision it is a recipe for a disaster. I can only imagine if I hadn't been home and the window broke. When I left, they had 3 suspects and no one was fessing up.

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