Saturday, February 14, 2009

Chuckles' Valentine Card

This Valentine was a collaboration between Chuckles and I. He is highly interested in the Lego a Day Site (linky on side bar) and me making words with Lego's inspired him. He designed the Lego creation and I turned into a Valentine card for him. I love the eye detail on the "E". He has been taking 1,000's of Lego pictures. I hope to share these soon after we edit all the blurry and not so good ones. These are the cards we created for school. So, if you didn't get your normal Valentine from me you will know that all my time and effort went into creating this. There are 22 in his class not including his two teachers. We made the back with construction paper look like a Lego. There were a lot of circles punched out. Chuckles did all the punching out the circles and that will explain why I am finding circles, everywhere. We packaged these with Lego fruit snacks.

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