Thursday, February 12, 2009

Good Signs

Sorry for the less than stellar picture BUT we have a SONIC and it is opening today. I am just a little bit excited. Today is the grand opening. This is a small town and this is probably the biggest thing that has happened fast food wise in a long time. We only have a McDonald's, Diary Queen, Quinzos, and Subway for fast food. This is a 6 stoplight town if you know what I mean.

Another exciting thing that is a good sign is my friend, K, is having her baby today. Sending many blessings to her family. The red quilt I made earlier in the month is for this baby. These are all good signs.


  1. WOW I'm impressed! Cherry Limeade Slushie here I come! Where the heck is it located? And is that "Dollar Tree" sign I see back there in green?

  2. Yes, we got a $tree too. Yipee! It is quite the little complex with a gym, bank, and Woods Coffee.