Friday, October 10, 2008

Frost and the Smell of Fresh Asphalt

Yes, there is frost on the roof of the new school. Fall has arrived. There are still many things still not done at the school behind my house. The playground was recently installed but children can't play on it until the grass grows around that. Don't know when that is going to happen as the frost has arrived. It is funny and sad to watch the kids to stand at the orange construction fence and watch the playground. The driveway and part of the bus lane aren't paved so this morning it looks like they may be ready to finish that. There is also some sidewalk that also needs to be completed. We have been taking our life walking the bus lane with the various buses and construction vehicles.

Yes that is the Giant Man Child on the infinity climbing thing. I don't know how they will keep kids off of this as the adults can't stay off the equipment either.

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