Saturday, September 13, 2008

Things that I am working on

Boo Sign that I made with mini foam pumpkins. The idea is from here. What do you think of my adaptation? This was a pretty cheap project under $5 as I already had the candlesticks. Walgreen's also has the same sized pumpkins but they are ceramic but I had already purchased the foam ones at Walmart. I have a small candlestick collection which I used to display some vintage Christmas Balls and eggs at Easter. (See Below)

I also made applesauce with my friend and cohort Mrs Epi. Her Highness taught me how to ice skate with ziplocs. Clever! I plan to do this in my free time.

I also need to get back to some sewing. Here are some interesting tips on folding fabric for all of you material girls. My organization is lacking in this area - heck all areas. I am itching to do some of these projects at crazy mom quilts. The pin cushion and the checkbook cover look fun.

Lastly, I ran across this new series of kids books for ages 10-14 and it sounded interesting. It is called 39 clues. I think this would be right up #1 son's alley. I don't think I will mind reading these either.

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