Monday, September 29, 2008


EEK is how I feel. I have that stuffy head feeling with a touch of I gotta have a nap feeling. I generally don't get ill but this runny then stuffy stuff has got me in its clutches. I actually took a nap after all my charges left for school. It is funny how Fox news puts one to sleep. The picture above is of our rat. He usually lives in our garage but at Halloween comes out. The EEK picture frame idea came from here. My dollar store only had a frame with a 2 openings and a mirror so I just fit my EEK over the top. Joys of Home also has some other dollar store projects so check out her website. I wish I could think outside the box like her. I am also starting Ali Edwards week in review project. Next week, I will be updating with the results of my project.

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