Saturday, April 28, 2018

Trust the Process - Autism

***April is Autism Awareness Month and I usually share about my son and his journey.  My son is 19 and autistic .  He currently enrolled in a transition program through his local school district and receives services through the Department of Vocational Rehabilitation. He recently just got a job coach.  His number one goal is to work.  HE just really wants to work desperately.

 I have heard "trust the process"  in regards to autism journey so many times.  Recently I was listening to a reply all podcast where they were discussing a tweet about the  basketball team, "The  76ers," and their old general manager, Sam Hinke,  and his trust the process attitude.  I usually HATE a sport analogy but this one kinda fits.  The below quote was taken from this article by Victor Mather

After Sam Hinkie took over in 2013, the Sixers endured three consecutive horrendous seasons with fewer than 20 wins, and that’s just how he wanted it. Hinkie’s notion was that the best way for the team to become great was to lose badly for years, while stockpiling the resulting great draft picks. His plan was called the Process, and many Sixers fans bought in.

To be clear, the players never intentionally tried to lose. But Hinkie kept the roster weak, ruthlessly trading away any players who might help the team get unwanted wins.

It seems like the Autism Process through the school district is often a trust the process journey.  Frequently services are traded away for other services often of lower quality or for nothing.  Depending on the level of funded services, the child loses badly for many years often with inappropriate placements, frequent staffing changes, and lack of services. The scaffolding that is frequently offered never materializes.  Parents are told to trust the process often pinning their hope on therapies and placements. Now lots of supports or early interventions are offered but as students age out of the system less and less support services are offered often when support is the most needed.  Autism is a life long disability while behaviors can be modified but the need for life long support is sometimes necessary.

By the way Sam Hinkie was eventually fired. He did help the Sixers eventually get some higher draft picks.  One of the draft picks and star player nicknamed himself, THE PROCESS.

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