Monday, April 2, 2018

Saving and Saving Some More

We have been saving for a while for new carpet in our living room.  12 years of a hard life of pets and kids had rendered it disgusting. We have literally been saving for 2 years.  A combination of babysitting, saving, and some Christmas/and birthday money from Grandpa an Grandma has finally resulted in new carpet.

This is the most used part of our house and it is really nice to have good carpet in here. We chose a pet type of carpet. This actually has black flecks in the carpet which naturally hides the black shed from the dog.  The process was pretty painless but before the carpet came I repainted the baseboards. Kids are hard or maybe life is hard on white baseboards.

My youngest son made this metal sculpture in metals and it resting on a sample of my new carpet.

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