Thursday, November 30, 2017

What I Learned This Fall

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My youngest joined the band.  So for the first time really since 1990, I have been going to High School Football Games.  It's weird.  I am with the band. I am a Band Mom.  I played viola in the my high school orchestra.  I literally only know about band  thanks to my band friends from High School. My son's high school field show was  " New World" with music from Antonin Dvorak. Their field show is based on NASA's Apollo 11 Mission .  We even had our own Apollo 11.  I thought they did incredible.

* all scrapbook layouts made with digital project life


While people were deep into talking politics, I decided to grow beets.  I don't think they are that controversial. Now, brussel sprouts that is a controversial vegetable


My topic for 31 days was a bit different this year. I always learn something about myself when I post for 30 days.  I love the discipline of it.  I have learned I write better when I pre-write these type of series.  I managed to pre- write about 80% and I think that leaves some flexibility to be spontaneous. Here is the link to all that goodness.

Love this kids imagination - we have a Lego Titanic. Lots of hours have been spent sinking the Titanic
My before school kid is totally into the Titanic.  His parents and I have no idea what sparked that.  But it has led to some interesting before school activities

I was told this was an artifact - ha ha

of course we made icebergs

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