Sunday, January 1, 2017

One Little Word - 2017

I have long been a fan of the one little word resolution movement.  I think we can call it a movement. One little word is where you choose a word for the year instead of a resolution. Check out Ali Edwards post on One Little Word.

Oh, I also love a good list.  I thought I would list my previous words since I began blogging for your reading enjoyment

2007- action
2008- seek
2009- stand
2010- live
2011- act
2012 - maverick
2013- endeavor
2014- evolve
2015- launch
2016 - progress

To be quite honest, I didn't even remember the word I picked for 2016.  Though I have to say it perfectly fit my year.

I choose Burn for 2017.  I also choose a quote but for this year I choose a trio of quotes.

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