Sunday, January 22, 2017

Autism Linky

I Don't Want My Child to be Labeled.  Will a Label Help? Why not specifically dealing with Autism, I think special needs parents all go through this.  I struggle a lot with do I tell others or I do I let them figure it out on their own.  What is in my child's best interest? I wrote What is in a Label? a long time ago that echos some of Renee's thoughts.

Reply All - Episodes 64-67 - On the Inside - Interesting Podcast on a prisoner that blogs who also a convicted criminal who is also autistic.

For years, Paul Modrowski has been writing a blog from inside a maximum security prison. Only thing is, he was arrested when he was 18 and has never seen the internet. Sruthi Pinnamaneni reaches out to him with one small question that alters the course of her next year. 

I share the reporters frustration/fascination in trying to understand if Paul committed the crime. Interesting quote - "Where does the disability end and the personality begins."

12 Steps to help adults with autism find the right job

Supreme Court to Decide: What level of education do public schools owe students with disabilities? - this is an interesting one to watch.  If you ever been to IEP, you often sit there and wonder aren't these the exact same goals from last year just rewritten.  How is progress really measured? In a lot of ways this ties into the discussion on Trumps pick for Education Secretary.

New Method Aims to Quantify Camouflaging in Autism

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