Friday, July 8, 2016

Diary of a Mediocre Homemaker - Secret Concoctions

Dear Diary
I make stuff up.  That is what I do.

As a parent, do you ever make up stuff?  I do.  I told my kids that sprite and orange juice was a Mexican Sunrise.  I just said it in jest but now that is what they request.  I saw this secret potion drink on Pinterest. It was sprite and ice cubes made with Kool-Aid .  As the cubes melt the drink changes.  we gave it a shot.  My kids thought it tasted a lot like Jell-O.  It was a fun experiment.  My youngest told me I was not allowed to call it a potion.  It MUST be called a concoction according to my youngest According to the critics, the concoctions is not as nearly as great as the Mexican Sunrise evidently.

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