Thursday, July 7, 2016

Adventure Crew Rides Again or Big Mail Boxes, Heart Pics, Flat Trails,Parade

Well we have been having a 4th of July Adventure Long Weekend .  We have had a slight revival in the Adventure Crew. We visited the Bellingham Farmer's Market and downtown Bellingham. We had a chance to meet up with Ms Smarty Pants aka Bird Girl and her bestie.

We spotted a GIANT mailbox.  We visited the feed store and saw the bunnies. We ate at Hanna Teriyaki

We did a switch a roo of kids and headed to Point Whitehorn.

Chuck laying on a Log
Queen of Quite of A Lot and Chuck

I personally love this 3/4 of mile trail but be prepared for the steep trail and stairs down to the beach.  We had a good time exploring

Tree growing out of a log in Lake Whatcom
We walked the Hertz Trail but most people call it the trail around Lake Whatcom.  This trail is where the railroad ran. It is relatively flat though that was debated by The Queen of Quite A LOT.   This trail dead ends and we ate our lunch there.  It is 3.1 miles to the turn around. This is a great trail for bikes, dogs and little people. The trail even blazes under and through a tree.

We noticed a lot of people with Trek for Treasure T-shirts so we ended up GTS (googling that stuff)  This is a really cool program where participants go on 6 hikes over 12 weeks that get progressively harder.  There is a clue given at the hike to a riddle upon the completion of all 6 hikes they solve to find the treasure. This looked like so much fun.  This is sponsored by the hospital in the next county.


The bread and butter of the adventure crew has always been a parade.  We went to the Blaine 4th of July parade. We were only minus one member of our crew.  AMAZING! We sat across from Lady Liberty.

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