Saturday, May 7, 2016

Book Buzz- Spring 2016 and Donald Trump

I was lucky enough to attend a Book Buzz at my local library that was sponsored by Random House.  They gave us these cute tote bags but best of all they previewed all the upcoming releases of new books. Several selections peaked my radar.

June by Miranda Beverly-Whittemore due out May 31,2016
Last Call at the Nightshade Lounge by Paul Krueger due out June 7, 2016
The Girls by Emma Cline due out June 14, 2016
The Light of Paris by Eleanor Brown  due out July 12, 2016
Nine Women, One Dress by Jane L Rosen due out July 12, 2016
Dark Matter by Blake Crouch due out July 26, 2016

The last one Dark Matter is one that the presenter from Random House really liked.  The author is the one who did the Wayward Pines trilogy.

The funny thing of the night however was all the overheard conversations about Donald Trump.  He is having a rally today in a nearby town.  I actually heard a Mom say to her 5 kids that were going to go and protest.  They were really exited too.  I don't know if our county can take this much excitement

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